The Car Wash Business

The car wash business is big business. With millions a year spent at the nations thousands of car washes owning a car wash business can be a lucrative endeavor and a sound investment. With relatively small overhead costs and a generally limited employee base it can appear, on the surface, that this business is a simple one and headache free.

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The reality is, like any other business, the car wash business has its fair share of headaches, troubles and problems. To the casual observer it may appear to be something of a hands off business and yet nothing could be further from the truth. They may feel that all that really needs to be done is build a couple of self service bays, stick a sign on the side of the building and the money will simply pour in. Even those looking at more complicated car wash systems, such as a full service car wash or a Tunnel system, could believe that with a few employees to run the vacuums and make sure customers drive into the automatic car wash from the right end the business would run itself. Not so.

The ideal car wash owner is one that is a hands on, day to day, style owner. The car wash business, for the most part, is based heavily on equipment and physical assets. Daily involvement is crucial for its long life, profitability and ultimate success. Everyone has seen a business such as this start out well and then slowly deteriorate into a pathetic mess. Chances are the real reason for this is inadequate day to day supervision of the car wash.

The advice and counsel of professionals is highly advisable in any business venture. While this industry may seem like it’s all common sense and easily understood there are some critical steps and tips that you must be aware of to be successful. Retaining the services of a professional commercial real estate agent, attorney, C.P.A., lender, car wash business consultant and/or car wash franchise company will greatly increase you chances of success in the Car Wash Business.

There is no guarantee of profit or success in any business and the car wash business is no exception. However, with some careful planning and the advice of professionals in the field your odds of running a solid business greatly improves! Talk to people, read trade magazines, get professional assistance with a business plan and get to work!

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